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Behavioural management in Adult Dogs

Why Behavior Management Is Important In Adult Dogs

What should an owner do to maintain his dog’s good behavior patterns? Behavior management in dogs will only bring an owner long-term and permanent success if the following factors are present:   Pack leadership or full time management of a dog’s behavior through the enforcement of boundaries and rules.   Consistent reward and correction to […]

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Come Command for Dogs

Teaching Adolescent Dogs, Part 2: Refining Dog Obedience Training

  Are you having difficulties training your adolescent canine?   Training an adolescent dog is a bit like teaching a teenager important life skills, like driving on a busy highway or parallel parking. Imagine: you’ve already made the best plans and you have a nice reward waiting for your student once he’s accomplished the basics. […]

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Adolescent Dog Training and Obedience

Teaching Adolescent Dogs, Part 1: Encountering Changes

   How do dogs develop and mature after puppyhood?   After puppyhood, a young dog will begin to grow and develop at an accelerated pace.   Mental, emotional and physical changes will rapidly take place approximately between the ages of five months and three years. When the third year rolls in, a dog can be […]

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