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Dog Obedience Training - Social Needs

Fulfilling Your Dog’s Needs, Part 2: Social Needs

What happens to a dog when its social needs are ignored by its owner?   It is very unfortunate that many dog owners feel that their pets don’t have any other needs, apart from shelter and food. If you are serious about training your dog and keeping your pet happy for years to come, you […]

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Teaching a Dog Basic Commands and Skills

  Would you like to discover how you can teach a dog to sit and stay easily?   Teaching a dog for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you have never done it before. There’s always this anxiety that you’re doing some incorrectly because you’re not getting the results that you […]

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Communicate with Your Dog

Expressing to Lead: How to Communicate With Your Dog, Part 2

  How would you like to succeed in training your dog by naturally communicating with it through nonverbal language?   Dog owners have one big collective dream: to one day see that their dogs have become well-behaved, intelligent and responsive animals that are capable of understanding and carrying out important commands.   We humans have […]

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Stay Command - Obedience Training

Expressing to Lead: How to Communicate With Your Dog, Part 1

  How do dogs communicate with its human pack?   Humans are equipped with the ability to utilize three channels of communication: vocal language, verbal language and nonverbal language. We can communicate with our tone of voice, speech rate, word choice and especially through our body language.   Dogs may be incapable of verbal expressions […]

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Transforming Yourself Into a Pack Leader, Part 2

  How can you maintain order in your dog’s daily activities?   In our last blog post, we talked about how you can prepare yourself to become the best pack leader that your dog can ever have.   The necessary preparations include setting realistic goals, creating a “personal zone” for your dog and improving your […]

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Transforming Yourself Into a Pack Leader, Part 1

  How can a dog owner become an effective pack leader?   The most challenging part of training a dog is not the training routines themselves, but the requirement that you have to become a natural pack leader to your dog.   Dogs are naturally inclined to follow the example and lead of a pack […]

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Dog Obedience Unique Skills

Having Fun with Unique Dog Skills

  Can dogs be taught unique and useful skills, too?   I get this question a lot from my clients who are often inspired by Hollywood-trained dogs that they see on television and in the movies. Can ordinary pets be trained to do amazing stuff? The answer is yes, if you’re willing to train your […]

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How to Make an Elderly Dog Happy, Part 2: Overcoming Changes

  What are the changes that you should expect in a senior dog?   Dogs go through four distinct life stages: puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Each of these stages is marked by milestones, limitations and special developments that are unique for each phase of a dog’s life.   To say that a dog’s […]

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Obedience Training for Resistance Dogs

Dealing with a Resistant Dog

Why are some dogs resistant to obedience training?   The most common cause of resistance in adult dogs is lack of leadership for most of the dog’s life. If you have seen any of my previous posts on puppies and adolescent dogs, you may have already encountered the concept of “pack leadership.”   Pack leadership […]

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Come Command for Dogs

Teaching Adolescent Dogs, Part 2: Refining Dog Obedience Training

  Are you having difficulties training your adolescent canine?   Training an adolescent dog is a bit like teaching a teenager important life skills, like driving on a busy highway or parallel parking. Imagine: you’ve already made the best plans and you have a nice reward waiting for your student once he’s accomplished the basics. […]

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