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Stay Command - Obedience Training

Expressing to Lead: How to Communicate With Your Dog, Part 1

  How do dogs communicate with its human pack?   Humans are equipped with the ability to utilize three channels of communication: vocal language, verbal language and nonverbal language. We can communicate with our tone of voice, speech rate, word choice and especially through our body language.   Dogs may be incapable of verbal expressions […]

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How to Make an Elderly Dog Happy, Part 2: Overcoming Changes

  What are the changes that you should expect in a senior dog?   Dogs go through four distinct life stages: puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Each of these stages is marked by milestones, limitations and special developments that are unique for each phase of a dog’s life.   To say that a dog’s […]

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Desensitizing a Dog to Human Touch

  How can you train your dog to tolerate being touched?   As the pack leader, your dog should allow you to touch all parts of its body without running the risk of being nipped or bitten.   This is an extremely important conditioning process because if your dog is averse to being touched, you […]

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