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How to Make an Elderly Dog Happy, Part 2: Overcoming Changes

  What are the changes that you should expect in a senior dog?   Dogs go through four distinct life stages: puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Each of these stages is marked by milestones, limitations and special developments that are unique for each phase of a dog’s life.   To say that a dog’s […]

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Obedience Training for Resistance Dogs

Dealing with a Resistant Dog

Why are some dogs resistant to obedience training?   The most common cause of resistance in adult dogs is lack of leadership for most of the dog’s life. If you have seen any of my previous posts on puppies and adolescent dogs, you may have already encountered the concept of “pack leadership.”   Pack leadership […]

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Adolescent Dog Training and Obedience

Teaching Adolescent Dogs, Part 1: Encountering Changes

   How do dogs develop and mature after puppyhood?   After puppyhood, a young dog will begin to grow and develop at an accelerated pace.   Mental, emotional and physical changes will rapidly take place approximately between the ages of five months and three years. When the third year rolls in, a dog can be […]

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Puppy Obedience Training, Part 3: Pack Leadership

Why is pack leadership necessary?   Pack leadership is essential to obedience training, especially during puppyhood. It is during this time that your young dog is learning about the world and how it works. Some people say that the idea of becoming a pack leader sounds excessive because they believe that dogs need friends, not […]

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Puppy Obedience Training, Part 2: Common Problems

What are the common issues encountered while teaching/training puppies? If you want a well-behaved adult dog in the future, you have to start teaching your puppy now.   Puppies may not be as mature and mentally developed as adult dogs but this doesn’t mean that they are unteachable. Puppies younger than five months can be […]

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Desensitizing a Dog to Human Touch

  How can you train your dog to tolerate being touched?   As the pack leader, your dog should allow you to touch all parts of its body without running the risk of being nipped or bitten.   This is an extremely important conditioning process because if your dog is averse to being touched, you […]

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Correcting Canine Behaviors

  How can a dog owner begin changing undesirable behaviors in his pet?   Obedience training is not just about teaching your dog to respond to basic commands like “stand” or “come.” Genuine obedience training also focuses on remedying negative behaviors that may be causing your dog to become troublesome to be with at home. […]

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