Sit Command - Dog Obedience

Commanding your dog to sit on command is a good way to establish your authority and reduce a dog’s energy level if it is getting too excited at something.


However, I wouldn’t recommend using this command if your dog did something naughty as this would change the “color” or nature of the command.


The sit command is not a good tool for redirection or correction. If you command your dog to sit when you’re angry or when it has done something that is against your rules, your dog will eventually shy away from the command altogether.


How can you teach your dog to sit?


You can teach the sit command by capturing the sitting action and assigning a hand gesture or verbal command to it. The first step is to capture the behavior.


You can do this by placing a treat a few inches above your dog’s head so that it looks up. Dogs tend to sit down when they are looking up because it’s easier on their necks. When your dog sits down on the ground, say “sit” and give your dog the treat.


In the event that your dog doesn’t sit when a piece of food is dangling above its nose, try this instead: gently stroke the lower back region of your dog until it relaxes.


Apply a very gentle pressure while stroking your dog’s fur to encourage it to sit down. The moment your dog’s muscles move down, lift your hand and say, “sit.” Be sure to give your dog a treat immediately to capture the behavior and build recall.