Stay Command - Obedience Training

Why is it important to teach the “stay” command?


The “stay” command can be quite useful for dog owners who have problems leaving their homes because their dogs have a habit of chasing after them.


The “stay” command can be developed after you’ve succeeded in teaching your pet to sit on command.


After commanding your dog to sit, make eye contact and take one step backward. If the dog does not move, say “good” and approach it to give it a treat.


Do not ask your dog to come to you! You should always approach the dog so it can be rewarded. Otherwise, your dog will think that the “come” command is more important than the “stay” command.


Repeat this process until you can take several steps at a time without having to redirect your dog. Eventually you can disappear completely from your dog’s visual field and still get the same results.


Just make sure that you perform the training steps in the correct sequence every time. Your dog will anticipate a treat every time you return so don’t forget its reward for fulfilling your command!